Dancing Sasquatch Records Presents (2017) – DSR-IN11

Admiral Browning has two non-album tracks on this compilation – studio track “Subdivided Deity” and Corvette Summer outtake “Riff Raff” specifically for this compilation.  Outside of the unreleased Negative Reaction track, all other tracks highlight other projects featuring members of Admiral Browning.

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Corvette Summer (2015) – DSR-C01

Cassette and Digital release, with around 50 physical copies printed and signed by the band.

The Obelisk album review

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Give No Quarter (2013) – DSR-018

Give No Quarter cover art

Sea of Tranquility review

The Obelisk album review

The Ripple Effect review

Hellridemusic.com (via crawler)

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Bukwas (2011)- DSR-UNK/HH014

Bukwas cover art

DSR records/Heavy Hound Records split featuring Seventh Gate and Admiral Browning on collaborative studio and live tracks from both bands, lyrics, artwork and faux miniature monster newsprint.  Around 50-70 were pressed, the first 25 or so were individually numbered.

Battle Stations (2011) – DSR-017

Battle Stations cover art

Blabbermouth.net review

Cosmic Lava review

The Obelisk album review

Nanobot rock review (Clay’s take)

Nanobot rock review (Greg’s take)

Sea of Tranquility review

Heavy Planet review

Stoner HiVe review

Heavy Metal Time Machine review

Frederick News Post

Battle Stations proves that instrumental metal doesn’t have to be overtly cerebral or monotonous. ”  – Metalreview.com (RIP)

If you were lucky enough to experience the metaphysical doom of Magic Elixir, then the trippy and spiritual musings of Battle Stations is going to come as a welcomed aural pleasure.” – Chybucca Sounds (RIP)

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Magic Elixir (2009) – DSR-016

Magic Elixir cover art

Glide magazine review

Cosmic Lava review

Last Rites review

Metal Underground review

VS-webzine review (French)

Heavy Metal Time Machine

Interview with Heavy Metal Mark (Heavy Metal Time Machine)

The arrangements could have been concocted by a Indie supergroup featuring members of Don Caballero and Sleep…Magic Elixir is a small package to shoehorn all this into, but it sure whets the appetite for the upcoming full-length.”  – Shawn Macomber/Decibel, Dec 2009 issue 62

“An adventurous EP amusingly packaged to evoke turn-of-the-century cure-all liniment, Maryland-based Admiral Browning sort of defies categorization, in a good way.” – Jim Cirile, Progression Magazine Issue 57

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Dead Pets (2007)  – DSR-015

Dead Pets cover art

Blabbermouth.net review

Metal Music Archives

VS-webzine review (in French)

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Maiden Voyage + Bonus Live Tracks (2005) – DSR-014

Maiden Voyage cover art

Metal Music Archives entry

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Lost on South Mountain (2003) – DSR-007

Lost on South Mountain cover art

Hand-printed and assembled, with small quantities given to friends and family. Mostly recorded 2002-2003 at South Mountain studios by Tim Otis, with overdubs and edits by Matt LeGrow.

South Mountain Edits (2002) – DSR-005

South Mountain Edits cover art

Hand-assembled, pressed and given out to friends in very small quantities. Recorded live March-April 2002 at South Mountain Studios by Tim Otis, edited by Matt LeGrow.